How to Order

To join the Chocolate Table, send an email to  You'll have the option to sign up securely online, or we can call you for your credit card information.

You can choose to purchase for selected months, or for the entire season.

Shipping Policy.  $5 ships-it-all.

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The Chocolate Table - 2017 / 2018 Season

We are a different chocolate company.

I make 6 "collections" of chocolates & confections each season (early fall through spring).  The collections coincide with major holidays and are therefore great for the family or as a gift.

Everything is hand-made and I'm limited to the first 60 customers (most people just sign up in advance). You can follow what I'm making on Facebook and YouTube videos.

You won't be disappointed!  Everything is of the highest quality and exceptional value. It's a whole new way to experience artisan chocolates. And not just chocolate -- you may also get some toffee once in awhile, or caramel, or marzipan -- or maybe nougat torrone, divinity, gianduja, penuche or buttercrunch.‚Äč