Spicy Mayan Sipping Chocolate

Today, we make hot chocolate with milk, cocoa powder and usually some marshmallows or whipping cream on top.  This is to simulate the real thing.

My sipping chocolate is made from 100% pure couveture premium chocolate. I've created a blend of dark chocolate from Belgium and milk chocolate from France and added cinnamon & spices to give a rich & spicy sipping chocolate you're going to love.  Have it straight or mix in rum. You can also add it to coffee to make a fantastic mocha.

No milk needed, no marshmallows, no whipping cream.  That's because you're drinking pure chocolate with all its natural cocoa butter.  You'll get the froth from that, not artificially.  Once you have a sip you'll never go back to the powder.

Order the 2017/2018 Season now!

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